Sunday, September 17, 2006

Off The Edge Review

patriotic songs by CH Loh (an excerpt)

Humour is the great antidote to tyranny and stupidity, and it's perhaps no accident that it is our greatest Malaysian survival tool. Great doses of it helped us survive the assault on recent Malaysian films such as Amir Muhammad's Lelaki Komunis Terakhir. As if anticipating the oncoming brouhaha, Hardesh Singh, with the help of lyrics by Jerome Kugan, has crafted for the film some of the funniest songs our land has ever produced.

It's a boon then that these songs are now available on CD in a compialtion of Hardesh's film music (the title is a mouthful, so henceforth it's EPFTTTNMMHGG). If you didn't get to see the film, you can at least get to enjoy its spirit on five cleverly crafted songs that form the sonic backbone to the 'odd' documentary the whole world got a glimpse of, minus Malaysia.

Off The Edge Sept 2006 is available now. It is one of my favourite magazine's, so go get it and read the full review.


Yusuf/Martin said...

I read C.H.Low's article Looking for Mr Goodbarre, in Off the Edge with great interest.

My only problem now is acyually trying to get to listen to your music.

I currently live in the wilds of Perak, out of choice I might add, and have not been able to locate a DVD of Gubra.

Unfortunately we do not have the Malls, nor the grand music/DVD shops here that are available in K.L.

Forget trying to listen to your music in Amir's The Last Communist, for obvious reasons!

I am curious to hear what comtemporary Indian Malaysia music might sound like. I have been following the fortunes of artists like Talvin Singh and Nitin Sawhney for a while, and used to have a wider access to a variety of Indian/Asian music.

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