Sunday, September 17, 2006

Galaxie Review

Galaxie 1-15 September 2006, by Edward Gomez

It may be an exaggeration to claim that this collection of tunes by Hardesh Singh runs the gamut of human emotion. Then again, what if it's true...? Hardesh's debut album is a collection of his musical contributions to the cinematic works of Malaysia's most exciting filmmakers - Amir Muhammad (Tokyo Magic Hour and Lelaki Komunis Terakhir), Deepak Menon (Chemman Chaalai) and Yasmin Ahmad (Gubra and the upcoming Mukhsin). Admitedly, it isn't an easy listen. The tunes on offer range from surreal and avant-garde to rustic and romantic, and I can't really see someone listening to the whole album in one sitting, but perhaps that wasn't the intention of the composer in the first place. Perhaps, you're supposed to listen to it in segments depending on your mood. Perhaps then, you'll get a glimpse of the creative force behind these tracks. Me, I look forward to the "proper" debut - an album conceived, conceptualised and performed by Hardesh Singh. But till then, Pomeloes will do.

3 stars

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