Friday, July 28, 2006

FHM review

Malaysia Edition, August 2006, Jessica Alba cover

The man behind the music of some of Malaysia's coolest indie flicks passed us this CD of tunes featured in works by Amir Muhammad, Deepak Kumaran Menon and Yasmin Ahmad. A varied and cunningly bizarre compilation that moves from melancholic pianos and sweeping strings to glitch criss-crossed with Malay poetry. Ace!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Victoria Music Centre and Silverfish Books

Pomeloes now available at Victoria Music Centre outlets as well as Silverfish Books.

Victoria Music Centre outlets are located at:

LG 029-031, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jln Sultan Ismail (03-2148 7208)

Platform "A", Level One, Kota Raya Complex, Jalan Cheng Lock (03 2031 8895)

Lot 1.18, 1st Floor, The Atria Shopping Centre, Jln SS22/23, D'sara Jaya (03 7729 7561)

G26, Ground Floor, Amcorp Mall, Off Jalan Timur (03 7956 0592)

Lot S9, 2nd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jalan Maarof (03 2093 1093)

and, Silverfish Books is located at:

67-1, Jalan Telawi Tiga, Bangsar Baru (03 2284 4837)

if you go to Silverfish Books, don't just buy the CD, buy the t-shirt too!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Available now at Rock Corner outlets

Pomeloes is now available at all Rock Corner outlets in the Klang Valley. Other retail outlets to follow soon. Yours for only RM24.90. By the way, did I mention that the total running time is just under 75 minutes?

Hopefully there's a Rock Corner outlet near you:

One Utama, S205, 2nd Floor (03-7725 5667)

Bangsar Village, Lot F15, 1st Floor (03-2284 6062)

Mid Valley Megamall, T.028 & T.053, 3rd Floor (03-2284 1423)

Subang Parade, LG 20 C & D (03-5636 9520)

The Curve, Lot 207, 2nd Floor (03-7729 6313)

Great Eastern Mall, Lot 18, Level 1 (03-4256 9749)

Giant - Subang USJ, No. 672 & 673, USJ 1 (03-5638 5699)

Giant - Tmn Permata, Lot 3, 2nd Floor (03-4105 3146)

Kota Raya - G17, Kota Raya Complex (03-2034 1781)

Rhythm Music - Lot 1.110, Pertama Complex (03-2692 7046)

Music Magic - M.26, Central Market (03-2274 6649)

Trend - 4th Floor, Sogo KL (03-2699 6183)

Now here's the problem. After sending the CD master and artwork off for duplication, I realised that I forgot to put my name on the cover. Duh! So if you walk into the store and ask for "that hardesh singh CD", you'd probably get some blank stares.

Also, save your breath, don't bother calling out the entire title. Just ask for that Gubra soundtrack. That should do it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Star review, 02 July 2006

Eating Pomeloes from Tokyo to Tamil Nadu Makes My Heart Go Gubra


(SoundWorks Productions)

Reviewer: HARI RAJ

AT first glance, Pomeloes is a somewhat ungainly creature, as the prospect of four separate soundtracks looks to be about as balanced as a newborn giraffe. The album finds its feet soon enough, however, in the same length of time it takes the listener to realise that the emphasis is on composition, not cohesion.

The songs for Amir Muhammad’s still-banned Lelaki Komunis Terakhir are an intriguing lot, with all the ironic heft of a raised eyebrow lent by virtue of an almost RTM-esque delivery.

The music for Yasmin Ahmad’s Gubra and the Deepak Menon-helmed Chemman Chaalai continues in the same vein, spanning idyll and ambition, headache and heartbreak, with the latter set showcasing the composer’s Indian classical roots.

The album finishes with an edgy flourish, with the ambient score to Amir’s Tokyo Magic Hour veering into territory that is experimental as the film itself.

Rather than inundating the listener with variations on a theme, Pomeloes presents a veritable chocolate box of choices. It is an outstanding showcase to the versatility and talent of a man who (as only revealed by the briefest of liner notes) either composed, produced, performed, programmed, recorded or mixed every song on this album ... our very own Hardesh Singh.

Incidentally, if you are rushing out to get this, bear in mind that the album is really hot off the factory floor and might not be widely available until next weekend.