Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hardesh Singh's first soundtrack compilation, featuring original music scored for the following movies; Lelaki Komunis Terakhir, Gubra, Chemman Chaalai and Tokyo Magic Hour. Also includes a bonus cut of Hujan from Yasmin Ahmad's upcoming feature, Mukhsin.

Album out first week of July. Retail outlets to be updated here. Check back soon, or contact us for more info.

Some early comments:

It may be an exaggeration to claim that this collection of tunes by Hardesh Singh runs the gamut of human emotion. Then again, what if it's true …?
- Edward Gomez, Galaxie

Malaysian cinema gets it's much-needed sonic shot in the arm
- Suffian Rahman, FHM

Hardesh Singh's music refreshes the parts that other composers can't reach
- Amir Muhammad, filmmaker

One afternoon in January 2005, I went to the press screening of Deepak's film "Chemman Chaalai". The first thing that struck me was the haunting music of the film. It gave an impalpable sense of emotional urgency to this languid film. A year and a half later, Hardesh writes the arrangement for "Hujan", a keroncong song my father composed which i decided to use for my own film "Mukhsin". It was a song I had heard my father play a hundred times on our old piano. But when I heard Hardesh's arrangement of it, something i never expected happened. I wept.
- Yasmin Ahmad, filmmaker

Hardesh Singh is more than just a talented composer, he is a breath of fresh air in a relatively stale environment. His passion for, and skill in creating, this series of vastly contrasting soundscapes, is laudable
- Martin Vengadesan, The Star

The music is as disparate as the films they were meant for, but Hardesh's talent has always gone beyond the confines of any one genre
- Brian Yap, KLue